Austin Rudy Parvin, better known as YETIGLOW, was born December 15, 1992 in Chesapeake Virginia. YETIGLOW grew up with great parents who tried their best and never stopped striving for better, but with life circumstances his family was very poor. He faced challenges in his early life being surrounded by gangs and violence until his parents were able to establish a better living environment when he was 15 years old. YETIGLOW attended Kempsville High School where he dropped out of school during his junior year in 2011 and obtained his G.E.D the same year. He started his music journey when he was only 6 years old, bouncing to different studios all over the country to gain recognition. By the age of 15, YETIGLOW shared the stage with rap legend Doug E. Fresh and by the age of 16 performed at Summer Jam in New Jersey which allowed him to gain recognition from major artist. As YETIGLOW continued his career as an independent artist, he eventually put out multiple mixtapes which started getting him noticed around the globe. He also received recognition from Levi Little, member of platinum selling R&B group Blackstreet, whom he worked with for 2 years. YETIGLOW also received recognition from rap artists’ Pusha T & No Malice who gave advice and guidance about the music industry. YETIGLOW has since enrolled in Sentara College of Health and Science to work on his degree all while continuing to perform many shows and build a name for himself, which has led him to his current music career. In the early part of 2020, YETIGLOW was signed to G-Man Management.

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