(Virginia Beach, VA) - 19-Year-old rap sensation, Big Ligiee from Virginia Beach, VA saw his passion in music at the age of 12 years old making beats on FL studios software, from there with a little equipment he set up his home studio, where he not only created beats, which he would post on Instagram, but he started to write and the more he wrote the better he became at the skill, once he started recording and mixing his own music, things quickly took off. At the the age of 15 he released an mixtape titled “Pressure Season” in which then he was discovered by G-Man Entertainment.  

Ligiee struck local success with his debut single "Guapanese" which he produced and wrote on his "Pressure Season" mixtape. The single re-released under the G-Man Entertainment imprint which Ligiee signed to in 2017. The single was a hit amongst his peers and became a hit on local radio. 

Since then his music career has brought on many opportunities including being a Fresh Empire ambassador and opening up for artist including NBA Young Boy, Chief Keef and many others. Big Ligiee has grown a solid fan base, particularly within children and teens. A notable moment in his career was performing in Los Angeles at the BET Experience in June 2018. 

Big Ligiee released his debut Double EP in August of 2018 "Weight on My Name" which is a 2-side Double EP featuring a high energy, trap style on Disk 1 while Disk 2 features more of a soft, melodic style showcasing his versatility.

Ligiee latest release "Know Bout Me" being his sophomore EP is now available through all major digital retailers. You can listen to “Know Bout Me” on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play etc.

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